Hairdreams والبيانات الصحافية
Hairdreams والبيانات الصحافية
البيانات الصحافية
أجد أحداث البيانات الصحافية ل Hairdreams هنا.

Hairdreams والبيانات الصحافية  

هنا نقدم أحدث البيانات الصحافية المتعلقة ب-Hairdreams للصحافيين وممثلي وسائل الإعلام الأخرى.

سوف نبقيكم على إطلاع لآخر الأحداث ونساعدكم في تقاريركم.

Hairdreams New Styles 2015/16 

The newest Hairdreams-Styles. So diverse and inspiring, like never before

The latest edition of the "New Styles“ hairstyle book from Hairdreams is here: Discover the fascinating diversity of Hairdreams 100% real human hair creations from all over the world!

Hairdreams Inspires Charlie Le Mindu‘s New Hair-Raising Haute Coiffure Collection "A Male Gaze" at Crazy Horse in Paris 

PARIS, July 2015 – Crazy Horse in the City of Light was the ideal location to stage "A Male Gaze" - the spectacular new 2015/2016 Fall/Winter Collection at Paris Haute Couture Fashion week by hair artist and designer extraordinare, Charlie Le Mindu. The underlying theme of the new collection featured silver-white shimmery, custom-made 100% real human hair by Hairdreams.

Hairdreams Goodwill: New Trendy Designer Bags Help Protect The Environment 

Hairdreams, the leading brand in professional lengthening and thickening hair creations based in Graz, Austria, launches a goodwill campaign to help the environment: gorgeous trendy designer tote bags to serve as Christmas gifts for their salon partners. The main highlight of the project?  The unique bags are made out of 100% recycled, obsolete Marketing promotional banners and they were created in the workshops of charitablerehabilitationmanufacturing facilities.


Fashion Icon, Jerry Hall, ushered in the holiday season at the flagship store of the famed department store, Galeries Lafayette in Paris, with the help of a “monster“ made with real Hairdreams hair! Haute Coiffure Star Designer, Charlie Le Mindu, created the pink hairy monster which is part of a unique, show-stopping promotion of the luxury Parisian department store.


Spotlight Trends At Berlin Fashion Week: Guido Maria Kretschmer’s Pony Tail Looks With Hairdreams Hair!

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