High-grade custom-made real hair wigs
High-grade custom-made real hair wigs
Custom-made real hair wigs in Hairdreams 7-Star quality
Maßgefertigte Echthaar–Perücken in Hairdreams 7 Sterne Qualität

High-grade custom-made real hair wigs  

Hairdreams Medi Wig is a high-grade real hair wig, providing a perfect solution for clients with massive hair loss due to illness or injury. Each piece is custom-made by hand, according to the client’s specific head shape, hair color, and desired hair style. 

Only high-grade 7-Star quality hair is used for the production. When compared to conventional wigs, the Hairdreams Medi Wig is distinguished by its especially natural look and highest wearing comfort. The Medi Wig can be worn day and night, as well as during exercise, swimming, etc. 

The solution

The Medi Wig is produced according to a mold of the client’s head, exclusively using 7-Star top quality hair. Depending on the client’s desires, it can be made in any hair length, color, and style, thus ensuring an absolutely natural look. The Medi Wig does not impose any limitations to the wearer’s lifestyle; it can be worn day and night, during exercise, and even in the shower or sauna. It is well suited for women, men, as well as children.

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