Care Products
Care Products
Care Products
HAIRDREAMS SPECIAL CARE LINE for real hair creations and long hair
Pflegeprodukte von Hairdreams

Care Products  

The Hairdreams care line is specifically tailored to the needs of long hair and human hair creations.  It includes everything you need for the perfect care of extended hair - from hair-type specific shampoo to the conditioning fluid used for the ends and the coveted Hairdreams brush.

The products help generate a brilliant, silky shine, optimum manageability and a healthy, natural appearance to the hair. 


for normal to slightly damaged hair

This nourishing shampoo is for gentle hair cleansing of real hair creations. It improves hair structure and gives the hair shine and softness. Suitable for normal to slightly damaged hair.

Directions for use: Massage into damp hair from the roots to the tips. Rinse thoroughly. Apply a second time if necessary.



for damaged hair

This nourishing shampoo is made for damaged and chemically-treated hair for use with real hair creations. It cleanses, moisturizes, imparts shine and improves the hair structure. Nutrients such as Pro Vitamin B5 nourish the hair and strengthen it from the inside. Ideal for dry, damaged hair. 

Directions for use: Massage a small amount into damp hair from the roots to the tips. Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water. Apply a second time if necessary.



for fine hair

This mild shampoo is made for gentle cleaning of fine hair for use with real hair creations. Strengthens and volumizes weak structured hair, imparts a natural shine and helps regulate moisture without weighing down the hair.

Directions for use: Massage into damp hair from the roots to the tips. Rinse thoroughly. Apply a second time if necessary.




Intensive care for all hair types

Use for intensive care of long hair and hair with real hair creations. Improves manageability, strengthens the hair and imparts a silky shine. Suitable for all hair types. 

Directions for use: Massage small amount into lengths and ends of damp hair. Leave on for 3-10 minutes depending on how much care is needed. Emulsify well. Rinse thoroughly.


Leave-in spray care for all hair types

The Double Action Conditioner is a quick and easy to apply leave-in spray care with a special 2-phase effect. The intensive active care ingredients of the 1st phase penetrate deep into the hair to help nourish and moisturize. Phase 2 makes the hair easy to comb, and imparts a shiny and smooth finish without weighing down the hair. 

Directions for use: Shake well. Spray evenly and entirely on towel-dried hair. Evenly distribute and comb through. Do not rinse.


Regulating Shine Care

The innovative pH & Shine Spray neutralizes the pH-level of hair after shampooing. It closes the cuticle of the hair, ensures that care ingredients are set firmly inside the hair and imparts a brilliant shine. The additional anti-static effect prevents "flyaway" hair. 

Directions for use: After washing hair, spray over entire hair. Do not rinse.


Hair tip care

The special Hairdreams Hair fluid gives the hair intense shine and optimum manageability, smoothes the hair surface, improves the structure and prevents split ends. The ends of hair are thus sealed and protected. Ideal for dry, brittle ends and wavy hair. 

Directions for use: Massage a few drops into damp or dry hair ends as needed. Do not rinse.



With the high quality Hairdreams hair care brush, specially-designed to meet the needs of human hair creations, your hair can be styled quickly and easily. The Hairdreams brush is also wonderfully suited for "normal" longer hair.



Complete Care Kit with the essential products for the care of your Hairdreams hair creations at home.

  • 1 Beauty Shampoo , 200ml
  • 1 Regeneration Care , 200ml
  • 1 pH & Shine Spray
  • 1 Hairdreams Special brush


All Hairdreams Shampoos and Regeneration Care products are also available in 1000ml sizes for hairdressers.


For deep cleansing prior to application of hair creations

This intensive shampoo gently deep cleans hair before applying hair creations. Effectively  removes build-up residue and other impurities and ensures optimum durability of the bondings. Suitable for all hair types.

Directions for use: Gently massage from roots to ends onto damp hair. Rinse thoroughly. Repeat if necessary.


For the removal of hair creations

This special lotion easily and gently removes Hairdreams hair creations from your own hair using nourishing panthenol.

Directions for use: Apply Removal Solution Spray to bondings and remove them using the Hairdreams Bonding Grippers.

Hairdreams care products are exclusively available at Hairdreams partners.



For the removal of Hairdreams Quikkies

This special spray quickly and gently removes Hairdreams Quikkies hair creations.

Application: Apply Takeout Spray to the top of the bonding and leave on for a short period of time. Using a tail comb, carefully pull apart the upper and lower Quikkie attachments and detach from your own hair.

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