Hairdreams offers a vast range of colors, textures and hair lengths.
Haarfarben in bester 7 Sterne Echthaar-Qualität von Hairdreams


Practically any dream hair style can be fulfilled.


Lustrous colors for any desired hue

Hairdreams hair is available in a vast variety of standard colors ranging from subtle natural browns to brilliant red shades and a wide range of blonde tones to intensely wild trend colors.

For the ultimate desired shade, we offer other custom blends, bi-color strands and custom color orders.

All colors stand out with their distinguished fade resistance and brilliance.

Note: Colors are not exact. Please visit one of our partner salons for final color selection.


Straight hair, perfect waves and sexy curls for every need

Fulfill any client’s wish with Hairdreams hair textures; no matter if it is straight or curly. Naturally curly hair is also available for the most natural look.

Hairdreams hair is naturally straight and can be permed at the salon if desired. As an alternative, pre-permed hair is also available in 3 textures as indicated below.

Hairdreams Permanent Textures

  • STRAIGHT - normal straight hair (WITH slight natural wave)
  • WAVY  1 - Light curl
  • WAVY 2 - Medium curl
  • CURLY - Tight curl

Extra straight hair is also available as a custom order: 

"Hairdreams Extra Straight"- is hand-selected, extra straight hair with minimal natural wave. This hair is straightened with minimum effort (for example: through blow drying with a circular brush) and maintains its straight form.

"Hairdreams Afro Straight" is hair with a unique, short-wave structure of straightened, naturally kinky hair like African American hair.


TEXTURES: Natural Wave, Natural Medium Wave, Natural Curl

A Hairdreams specialty is naturally wavy hair, which produces a special natural wave look. Because this is a natural product, the hair is naturally tapered and its wave texture and intensity varies.

The available colors deviate from the Hairdreams standard colors.


Dream hair lengths of 20 to 75 cm (8 to 30 inches)!

Hairdreams hair is available in 9 standard hair lengths from 20 to 55cm (8 to 22 inches). Special lengths of up to 75 cm/ 30 inches are also available upon request.


Hairdreams hair creations are only minimally "tapered". 

This means that most of the hair strands are the same length and there is an evenly distributed amount of volume from top to bottom (see sketch)

This is an important quality feature and application advantage since the stylist will need less hair strands to create a look and has considerably more creative styling possibilities in the lengths and ends.

Comparisons with lower-priced competitors’ products reveal the obvious difference. (see photos for comparison)

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