Asia: Hairdreams Stop&Grow Shampoo  Wins “Hair Award”
Asia: Hairdreams Stop&Grow Shampoo  Wins “Hair Award”

Asia: Hairdreams Stop&Grow Shampoo Wins “Hair Award” 

Singapore, September 2017: Singapore is regarded as one of the wealthiest nations in the world leading the globe as a noteworthy trendsetter for all things related to LifeStyle, Fashion and Beauty throughout Asia.  Many view Singaporeans as the most discerning clientele when it comes to all aspects of LifeStyle, Fashion and Beauty.


It comes with the greatest honor that Hairdreams‘ PHT VolumeUp Shampoo Mousse from the new "Stop&Grow“ anti-hair loss series was awarded a spot amongst the highly coveted Top 10 Best Hair Shampoo in the leading women’s magazine, "Singapore Women’s Weekly“ – one of the most widely read women‘s magazines in Asia.  An independent jury of top beauty experts tested and compared hundreds of shampoos to determine the top 10 for the category of shampoos for clean and healthy hair. It’s the greatest accolade for Stop&Grow Shampoo to be part of this list and spotlights the level of achievement by the Hairdreams R&D team.


The jury loved the fact that the Hairdreams Stop&Grow Shampoo not only cleanses the hair in a gentle manner, but also visibly increases hair volume and fullness. The exclusive formula helps to simultaneously increase the hair diameter, strengthen the roots and supply the scalp with the plant-based active complex "PHT,“ which is recognized to help prevent hair loss and stimulates the growth of new additional hair.


The jury was also very enthusiastic about the unique delivery system of the Stop&Grow Shampoo. It dispenses into a creamy foam that easily distributes throughout the hair and allows for thorough and efficient distribution of cleansing and nourishing ingredients onto the hair and scalp.


In our part of the world, the new Stop&Grow range is a big hit as well and available at many Hairdreams partner salons across Europe. For more info about the Hairdreams Stop&Grow anti-hair loss therapy please visit or e-mail:

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