Charlie Le Mindu Illuminates Hairdreams- Hair!
Charlie Le Mindu Illuminates Hairdreams- Hair!

Charlie Le Mindu Illuminates Hairdreams- Hair! 

Paris Fashion Week witnessed the show of a lifetime when Hair Artist Charlie Le Mindu presented his astonishing new Wig-Collection "Stronger" made out of Hairdreams-Hair. Staged at the exclusive, “Citroen DS World” near Champs-Élysées, „Lady Gaga’s Stylist“ Charlie Le Mindu showcased innovative, one-of-a-kind hair artistry with an exclusive Avant-garde Hairstyle collection made for the first time with Hairdreams-Hair in phosphorescent colors.

Charlie Le Mindu‘s inspiration behind his new collection stems from a world that people have never seen before and have been unreachable by mankind: in the infinite depths of the oceans and the universe. The highlights of the collection are enormous sculptures emitting intensive fluorescent-colored hair. Each one of them is a piece of art in itself or representing a creature out of the ocean world of strange extraterrestrial beings.

The catwalk was pitch dark to make the creations visible in black light highlighting its phosphorescent colors accompanied by pulsating techno music to get the crowd fired up. The result was a one-of-a-kind fascinating catwalk, as Paris haute couture has never seen before. The show generated so much enthusiasm from a usually spoiled audience who was beyond thrilled and celebrated the designer with standing ovations.

Charlie Le Mindu remarked, "I have never worked with so much color. With this collection, I wanted to impress and not just show the typical color spectrum, but rather those rare shades that people can try to guess, but which they have never really experienced before – plus, I am fascinated by the dark. In order to showcase my fascination with the dark, I used phosphorescent colors that come alive in the dark." To achieve this color intensity, a high level of technical hairdressing craft is necessary, as Charlie Le Mindu explained, "the collection required several months of working in the dark with black light. Also, very light, almost white, and at the same time healthy, and well-maintained hair is necessary. This high-quality hair is only available from Hairdreams, which is why my team and I have managed to get the colors to shine in this intensity and diversity.“

Following the spectacular show in the exclusive Citroen DS World, Charlie Le Mindu opened his World Exhibition to the public. The exhibit will run through March 20, 2014 and includes last season‘s collection, Fall/Winter "Gold Sabah" for guests to admire. Among the many pieces, is an extravagant wig that was just recently worn by the one and only Lady Gaga.

Charlie Le Mindu Haute Coiffure powered by Hairdreams - Paris Fashion Week

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