BERLIN – The capital city of Germany has become the capital city of fashion with top leading designers at Berlin’s Fashion Week showcasing some of the hottest trends this year. In conjunction with the latest new fashions, hair styling was a major focus at the shows highlighting structured, opulent ponytails using Hairdreams hair as seen exclusively on designer, Guido Maria Kretschmer’s catwalk. Other designers and stylists also showcased hairstyles looks using Hairdreams hair that were perfectly on trend.

“Sol y Sombra“ (Sun and Shade) is the glamorous new collection by Guido Maria Kretschmer inspired by unique Spanish sun gardens. The perfect hairstyles that fit the summery looks are strong, voluminous ponytails. Andre Märtens was the star hairstylist who planned and produced the spectacular runway show and he was also the “Head of Hair“ responsible for all hair looks for the models at “Mercedes Benz Fashion Week“.

Many women in real life struggle with flat, thin hair as do some models at fashion week who also face similar challenges of not having enough hair that is needed for a real, full ponytail. This is why Märtens used natural, real hair by Hairdreams in order to help thicken the models‘ own hair, so he could create enough volume, resulting in the dreamy ponytails that Guido Maria Kretschmer was looking for. This is a simple solution which real women can also use to achieve the latest hairstyle trend.

“Hairdreams hair lengthening and thickening systems are ideal to help fulfill looks that are on trend, even when one‘s own hair is not sufficient,“ explains Märtens. “They are available in many colors, lengths and textures, and they can be invisibly integrated into any type of hairstyle. Quikkies practically allow stylists to create the basis for any hair look as we saw with the creation of the ponytails for the new collection of Guido Maria Kretschmer.“ He was very happy with the results as that‘s exactly how he had envisioned the hair for his show!

Many other hairstylists and designers at fashion week also relied on Hairdreams. At “Lavera Showfloor“, the styling team of “D. Machts Group“ from Berlin used Hairdreams not only for the models of various designers, but also for the catwalk of their very own show where they presented the latest hairstyles. “We had to create 40 different looks in 25 minutes and the preparation had to be extremely fast. Which is why we often work with “Hairdreams Quikkies“, which are premium natural, tape-in Hairdreams hair made from real human hair attached to one’s own hair with a tiny adhesive. It allows us to create instanteous length, fullness and also amazing color effects,“ says Dennis Machts.

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Fotocredit: Eugen Mai 

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