Hairdreams Goodwill: New Trendy Designer Bags  Help Protect The Environment
Hairdreams Goodwill: New Trendy Designer Bags  Help Protect The Environment

Hairdreams Goodwill: New Trendy Designer Bags Help Protect The Environment 

Hairdreams, based in Graz, is the leading company of hair lengthening and thickening systems made from premium, 100% real human hair.  The company works with thousands of hair salon partners around the globe. Hairdreams regularly provides promotional marketing materials to its partners including large fashionable fabric banners featuring glamorous beauty images that are used to decorate salon interiors and dress their windows. A large number of these eye-catching Hairdreams banners became obsolete when the brand recently changed its Marketing strategy. Instead of disposing of these fabulous, decorative banners,  Hairdreams came up with a much more creative, environmentally-friendly, cause-marketing idea: recycle the banners and make stylish, trendy tote bags for salons. Hairdreams partnered with three charities to create these new bags in productive workshops: “Caritas Graz“, “Lebenshilfe Gratkorn“ and the workshop “Heidenspaß“, which helps young adults to enter the workforce. The unique, one-of-a-kind, fashionable bags will be presented as Christmas gifts  to thank loyal salon partners and employees.

This successful cause-marketing campaign is an example of combining an environmentally-friendly initiative and charitable cause in a new, creative way.

“I was convinced that we could create something new from our beautiful banners that unfortunately we were no longer going to use. When I saw the first bags created, it completely exceeded my expectations. They look so cool and trendy and I believe our employees and customers will absolutely love them. The employees of the charitable workshops have outdone themselves with their creativity. They even used the banners to make the ribbons for the presents, which was a fantastic idea to make the gifts even more attractive. In the end, this initiative was a great idea to help prevent waste, support local charitable organizations and create unique, sustainable gifts for our customers and employees,“ explains Lisa Brandstetter, Marketing Director for Hairdreams on her thoughts about this multi-dimensional cause-marketing concept indicating that this highly successful initiative is only the beginning of many more to come.

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