Hairdreams Presents: TIMELESS HAIRDREAMS
Hairdreams Presents: TIMELESS HAIRDREAMS

Hairdreams Presents: TIMELESS HAIRDREAMS 

Classic, Dreamy Styles That Are Timeless For Every Generation!

GRAZ, August 2017 – Through generations, we’ve seen iconic hairstyles that are perfect and stand the test of time never going out of fashion.  In fact, the styles remain timeless and represent an elegant, quintessential style that can last. Classic, gorgeous long hair and stunning voluminous updos top the list of timeless hairstyles as worn by legendary icon, Brigitte Bardot.  Also, many beautiful, high-profile women have signature styles that still remain iconic including super-long, dramatic braids sported by former tennis pro, Anna Kournikova and sexy, blonde beach waves on 90’s supermodel, Claudia Schiffer.


Only a few women are naturally born with long, lush, full hair strands to recreate such looks.

Today, Hairdreams hair extensions can help fulfill longer and thicker dream hair for your clients.  Hairdreams is recognized worldwide for its premium, unparalleled hair quality and professional, innovative hair application systems which truly sets it apart in the industry.


Hairdreams celebrates its 30th anniversary this year with the launch of a new style collection, "Timeless,“ showcasing legendary, classic hair styles of iconic beauties including Brigitte Bardot and Jane Fonda.  A high-caliber team worked the shoot, which included: top hairstylist Sacha Schuette from Berlin; model Christina Noelle, who is also a rising fashion photographer from Vienna, as well as top model and current "it-girl“ Anastasia Plewka Gusewa, who was once romatically linked to Prince Harry.


"The goal for this new collection was to kick off the brand’s 30 year anniversary and showcase how far the brand has come with its wide array of sophisticated hair lengthening and thickening solutions.  We want to feature timeless, iconic hairstyles that can be easily achieved for any woman with the help of Hairdreams,“ explains Elisabeth Hamerle-Brandstetter, head of marketing for Hairdreams.


Hairdreams has been a pioneer in the industry with ground-breaking, first-to-market application systems and hair refinement techniques.  The brand’s dedication to continual research and revolutionary innovations include the fully automatic hair extension system, "Laserbeamer Nano“ and Volume+ hair thickening systems.  They offer real solutions for salons to address all of the current issues many clients face.


The new Hairdreams Style Book will include the complete Hairdreams Timeless Collection and many other hairstyle collections from worldwide partner salons.  This FREE issue, which features more than 100-pages of gorgeous Hairdreams styles, will be available this fall on the Hairdreams website (

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