Hairdreams "Travel Kit" The Perfect Dream Hair Set for a Short Getaway or Summer Trip 

Summer, Sun, Beach and Split Ends? It won’t happen, if you take along the Hairdreams "Travel Kit“! It has everything to help care and protect for your hair extensions and your own hair on the road!

Summer Hair Care 101

A day at the beach can do wonders for your soul, but sun, wind and ocean water can wreak havoc on hair. To help keep hair soft and silky and maintain its vibrant color this summer, it’s important to nourish your hair with the proper care and additional hydration. The Hairdreams "Travel Kit“ includes its signature "Beauty Shampoo“, "Regeneration Care“ and "pH & Shine Spray“, offering the ideal solution to help maintain gorgeous locks.

Hairdreams "Beauty Shampoo“ is perfect to help wash away salt water and chlorine residue after a day at the beach or the pool. It helps provide natural shine and smoothness. Sunbathing and extreme heat can further damage hair, so we recommend using "Regeneration Care" after shampooing.  Apply along the lengths and ends of hair, massage in and rinse out completely after 3-10 minutes. To help restore the natural pH level of the hair and thus, help impart a shine and allowing for better compatability use "pH & Shine Spray."

Cabin Luggage Check

Tip: The Hairdreams "Travel Kit“ is perfect for short trips or long getaways! It’s the perfect size for cabin luggage on plane trips thanks to its mini-sizes (3 bottles each at 50 ml / 1.7oz) in an easy-to-use, zipped plastic bag! Whether you’re gone for a few days or a few weeks, Hairdreams has your dream hair taken care of with the perfect travel kit.

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