Hairdreams Makes Headlines at Intercoiffure Mondial’s 22nd World Congress in Osaka, Japan
Hairdreams Makes Headlines at Intercoiffure Mondial’s 22nd World Congress in Osaka, Japan

Hairdreams Makes Headlines at Intercoiffure Mondial’s 22nd World Congress in Osaka, Japan 

Osaka, May 2017: Hairdreams, the international leader in hair lengthening and thickening, was a main sponsor at Intercoiffure Mondial’s 22nd Annual World Congress which took place at Osaka, Japan from May 15-17.  More than 1,200 Intercoiffure top stylists and high profile members from five different continents gathered to showcase spectacular hair presentations on one stage.  The prestigious event takes place every four years and marked its first event in Osaka, Japan.

This world-class event showcased the best of the world’s hair trends in ultra-posh settings as members witnessed lavish hair shows from Intercoiffure country teams on stage. A major highlight was the Gala Night with shows by IC team Japan, French top stylist Christophe Gaillet, and Intercoiffure Mondial President Klaus-Peter Ochs. For the first time, Hairdreams took part in the event as the worldwide exclusive partner for hair lengthening and thickening generating dynamic shows which featured Hairdreams hair creations in numerous styling and hair designs. 

The celebrated talents of Intercoiffure Team Europe from Germany, Austria and Switzerland and the Fondation Guillaume were stars of dynamic, trendsetting shows using Hairdreams. Even Klaus-Peter Ochs had some showstopping segments with Hairdreams.  The breathtaking extravaganza featured Hairdreams hair which was used in not only adding more length and volume for glamorous styles, but was also used as color accents for the International Fashion Team of the Fondation Guillaume’s "Neon Fascination.“

Hairdreams has been a longtime sponsor of the young talents of Fondation Guillaume.  This sub-division of Intercoiffure Mondial is based in Paris and grooms young stylists from around the world.  Hairdreams’ commitment and support garnered the highly acclaimed "La Lionne“ award during the event’s award ceremony. 

Hairdreams was a huge focal point of the event and raised interest throughout the show as top stylists showcased the infinite possibilities using Hairdreams hair.  Hairdreams’ full-scale distribution in Asia and Australia is currently underway opening doors for more salons to offer their clients the hair of their dreams. As a result, this year Hairdreams will be at Hair Expo, Sydney, the biggest hair trade show in Australia, to sponsor the show of Fondation Guillaume for Intercoiffure Australia.

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