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Alle Neuigkeiten über Haarverlängerungen und Haarverdichtungen von Hairdreams

Hairdreams "Travel Kit" The Perfect Dream Hair Set for a Short Getaway or Summer Trip 

Summer, Sun, Beach and Split Ends? It won’t happen, if you take along the Hairdreams "Travel Kit“! It has everything to help care and protect for your hair extensions and your own hair on the road!

Summer Hair Care 101

A day at the beach can do wonders for your soul, but sun, wind and ocean water can wreak havoc on hair. To help keep hair soft and silky and maintain its vibrant color this summer, it’s important to nourish your hair with the proper care and additional hydration. The Hairdreams "Travel Kit“ includes its signature "Beauty Shampoo“, "Regeneration Care“ and "pH & Shine Spray“, offering the ideal solution to help maintain gorgeous locks.

Hairdreams Laserbeamer Nano transformation - Sonya Dove 

Top stylist, Sonya Dove, loves her Hairdreams!  Check out her gorgeous new look!

Aubrey Loots gets glam with Hairdreams 

Celebrity Stylist, Aubrey Loots, gets glam with Hairdreams for the red carpet season.

Introducing A New Generation of Hairdreams Hair Thickening Systems - It Virtually Appears to Grow From The Scalp! 

GRAZ, October 2016: The new generation of MICROLINES System Hair Thickening Systems from Hairdreams now allows for fine and thinning hair to be voluminously filled with natural hair strands invisibly integrated into one’s own hair. Even problematic, thinning hair lines can be thickened to look naturally more voluminous, so there is no visible difference to one’s own natural hair line. Now, any desired hairstyle is instantly achievable without styling restrictions as experienced in the past.

Los Angeles Laserbeamer Nano Training 

Sign up for the Hairdreams Laserbeamer Nano certification class. It might just change your life…

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