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Training Calendar
Training Calendar
Training Calendar*
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Location Training Dates*
YEAR 2019    
Boston, Massachusetts Laserbeamer Nano Apr 28-29
Chicago, Illinois MicroLines Apr 28-29
Los Angeles, California MicroLines Apr 28-29
Columbus, Ohio Laserbeamer Nano Apr 28-29
New York City, New York MicroLines May 5-6
Nashville, Tennessee Laserbeamer Nano May 5-6
Phoenix, Arizona Laserbeamer Nano May 5-6
Dallas, Texas MicroLines May19-20
Fort Lauderdale, Florida Laserbeamer Nano May19-20
Los Angeles, California Laserbeamer Nano Jun 2-3
Dallas, Texas Laserbeamer Nano Jun 9-10
Washington, DC MicroLines Jun 9-10
Boston, Massachusetts MicroLines Jun 23-24
New York City, New York Laserbeamer Nano Jun 23-24
San Francisco, California Laserbeamer Nano Jun 23-24
Charlotte, North Carolina MicroLines Jun 30-Jul 1
Toronto, Canada Laserbeamer Nano Jul 7-8
Atlanta, Georgia Laserbeamer Nano Jul 14-15
Seattle, Washington Laserbeamer Nano Jul 14-15
Houston, Texas MicroLines Jul 14-15
Boston, Massachusetts Laserbeamer Nano Jul 21-22
San Francisco, California MicroLines Jul 21-22
Anchorage, Alaska Laserbeamer Nano Jul 28-29
Atlanta, Georgia MicroLines Jul 28-29
Minneapolis, Minnesota Laserbeamer Nano Jul 28-29
Chicago, Illinois Laserbeamer Nano Aug 4-5
Fort Lauderdale, Florida MicroLines Aug 4-5
Columbus, Ohio MicroLines Aug 11-12
Los Angeles, California Laserbeamer Nano Aug 11-12
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Laserbeamer Nano Aug 11-12
Denver, Colorado MicroLines Aug 18-19
Rochester, New York Laserbeamer Nano Aug 18-19
Nashville, Tennessee MicroLines Aug 25-26
Seattle, Washington MicroLines Aug 25-26
Chicago, Illinois MicroLines Sep 8-9
Phoenix, Arizona MicroLines Sep 8-9
Charlotte, North Carolina Laserbeamer Nano Sep 15-16
Dallas, Texas MicroLines Sep 15-16
Las Vegas, Nevada Laserbeamer Nano Sep 22-23
Los Angeles, California MicroLines Sep 22-23
Houston, Texas Laserbeamer Nano Sep 29-30
New York City, New York MicroLines Sep 29-30
Orlando, Florida Laserbeamer Nano Sep 29-30
Columbus, Ohio Laserbeamer Nano Oct 6-7
Los Angeles, California Laserbeamer Nano Oct 6-7
Rochester, New York MicroLines Oct 6-7
Dallas, Texas Laserbeamer Nano Oct 13-14
Nashville, Tennessee Laserbeamer Nano Oct 13-14
Seattle, Washington Laserbeamer Nano Oct 13-14
New York City, New York Laserbeamer Nano Oct 20-21
San Francisco, California Laserbeamer Nano Oct 20-21
Boston, Massachusetts Laserbeamer Nano Oct 27-28
Denver, Colorado Laserbeamer Nano Oct 27-28
Washington, DC Laserbeamer Nano Oct 27-28

Laserbeamer Nano - Automatic Hair Extensions System - Fusion

MicroLines - Integrated hair piece for thinning/hair problem clients

*Dates subject to change. Please call for more information.Contact us for scheduling in-salon trainings and for more information
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