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"Stop&Grow" by Hairdreams Makes Its Worldwide Debut 

Graz: Real human hair specialist Hairdreams has developed a new, extremely effective anti-hair loss therapy. The international patent-pending system called "Stop&Grow" Therapy is only available at specially-trained Hairdreams hair salons and results in up to 23% more hair growth in just 3 months! The effectiveness was scientifically-tested and proven in a study at Dermatological Institute of University Luebeck.

Great news for women and men who are suffering from hair loss: real human hair specialist Hairdreams has collaborated with renowned scientists, doctors and universities, who together have developed a state-of-the-art anti-hair loss therapy with impressive results. Upon use, excessive genetic hair loss was noticeably reduced in just a short period of time and an increase of natural hair volume of up to 23% was distinctly visible in just 3 months.

The new revolutionary system features an international patent-pending formula based on the new PHT-complex and an innovative 2-Phase System.  An active ingredient based concentrate  based on phytohormones and collagen is mixed together shortly before application with a "Taurin-Booster" and then applied directly onto affected areas of the scalp. This compound mixture inhibits the hair loss causing hormone DHT and stimulates dormant hair roots to help initiate the growth of new, healthy hairs. 

Stop&Grow‘s effectiveness was tested in a study* by the University of Luebeck and confirmed with impressive results! Studies showed that the number of active hair roots increased by up to 23%, resulting in the growth of additional 14,000 hairs for the average person suffering from hair loss. This result corresponds to an effectiveness which is 7 times higher than that of the currently most used active ingredient.

This novel therapy combines intensive in-salon treatments in regular intervals with daily at-home treatments. The most important product is the "PHT Elixir“, a concentrated serum that is applied directly on the scalp with a special applicator.  A scalp tonic, a root spray and a volumizing foaming shampoo complete the assortment.

Hairdreams Stop&Grow was tested in a salon environment for several years.  In the study, 96% of participants rated the Stop&Grow Therapy a ″perfect A+ score.″ The clients that had already used other hair growth products were even more impressed.

The new "Stop&Grow" System is exclusively available at selected, specially-trained Hairdreams salon partners.

For more information on Stop&Grow and to find the nearest salon, call the Hairdreams Hotline at 0800 0080 500 or visit

*) In-vitro Study, Clinic of Dermatology of University Luebeck, Dr. Fischer PhD, 2014

**) Dermatological Study, Dermatest Institute, Muenster, 2014

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