Charlie Le Mindu Delights Paris Art Scene With Avant-Garde “Hair Amusement Park”
Charlie Le Mindu Delights Paris Art Scene With Avant-Garde “Hair Amusement Park”
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Charlie Le Mindu Delights Paris Art Scene With Avant-Garde “Hair Amusement Park” 

The Palais de Tokyo in Paris, one of the world’s most prestigious museums for contemporary art, dedicates special exhibitions to the most unique and talented artists on a regular basis. Most recently chosen for this honor was “haute coiffeur” Charlie Le Mindu whose one-of-a-kind avant-garde-style hair-based dresses, wigs and performances have caused many a stir in both the fashion and art scene over the years. Le Mindu’s creations were on display at the Palais de Tokyo for three weeks, where he was featuring some of his existing master pieces as well as some new ones that were specially created for this occasion. All of the pieces were created using 100% real human hair by Hairdreams.

The inspiration for this particular installation came from amusement parks, stimulating Le Mindu to transform Palais de Tokyo’s exhibition halls into a surreal Disneyland-style landscape. Rather than simply exhibit his pieces, he brought them to life with a colorful mix of live performances, video installations and curious scenarios titled “Charliewood”, guaranteed to transport each and every visitor into a dreamlike fantasy world. African-inspired scenes complete with ethnic patterns and figures on one end; a futuristic techno world inhabited by a mythical creature consisting entirely of hair and fluorescent neon strings. Never before has hair been staged this way!

The audience’s reaction was one of enthused excitement: After the star-studded March 17th premiere, fashion and art insiders were full of praise and positive comments, causing a never-ending stream of guests coming through to see the show during the following three weeks.

Huge behind-the-scenes efforts were made to realize Charlie Le Mindu’s vision for this unique exhibition. Over the course of more than 6 months, Le Mindu and his creative team put in hundreds of hours to implement the production. He was supported by his artist friends, including several dancers hailing from the world famous Crazy Horse Revue, who showcased Le Mindu’s hair costumes in specially choreographed dance performances. Hairdreams supported its partner with exquisite, shimmering silver-gray, black, and soft pink colored strands in the highest quality 100% real human hair, which Le Mindu used as the key material for his elaborately braided hair masks and flowing hair sculptures.

Lisa Brandstetter, Hairdreams Marketing Manager: “By creating “Charliewood” Charlie Le Mindu has impressively demonstrated once again the infinite possibilities one can achieve with hair, when the delicate art of hairdressing is combined with boundless creativity, imagination and artistic free spirit. Not only does Le Mindu embody our deeply engrained philosophy of “The Art of Hair Creations”, but he also is a true source of inspiration to creative hair stylists all over the world.”

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