Happy Birthday Hairdreams!
Happy Birthday Hairdreams!
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Alle Neuigkeiten über Haarverlängerungen und Haarverdichtungen von Hairdreams

Happy Birthday Hairdreams! 

Hairdreams‘ 30th year anniversary and Hairdreams’ founder, Gerhard Ott’s 60th birthday.

GRAZ: It was the international extravaganza of the year! More than 600 guests attended Hairdreams‘ 30th year anniversary while also celebrating Hairdreams’ founder, Gerhard Ott’s 60th birthday. A full-blown production with multi-national show acts created a festive atmosphere for a spectacular, unforgettable celebration with many attending from around the globe.

Thirty years ago, entrepreneur Gerhard Ott had the vision to fulfill women’s hair dreams of long, gorgeous hair even when nature had not gifted them with lustrous, long strands. There was a huge opportunity in the market since no one else addressed this demand with an ideal solution. Other hair extensions were available, but results looked fake or were extremely difficult to apply and often caused substantial damage to one’s own hair.

Ott’s ambition to help women desiring long, beautiful hair led to the creation of Hairdreams‘ innovative hair lengthening and thickening system which set the benchmark for luxurious hair quality combined with ease of application resulting in a stunning, natural look. Hairdreams‘ signature, hand-selected hair process continues to be incomparable in the world which makes this legendary hair quality one of the most coveted among top stylists and Hollywood celebrities around the globe.

The company’s strict quality control standards and continous innovation, spearheaded the family-owned business from Graz to become the world market leader for premium, professional real, human hair lengthening and thickening systems. Today, Hairdreams is proud to partner with more than 40,000 salons/stylists as well as service millions of clients including high profile A-list beauties such as Lady Gaga, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Jennifer Lopez, Reese Witherspoon, Christina Aguilera, Meghan Trainor, Kesha and many more who love Hairdreams‘ luxurious hair.

Although the company has already received numerous awards for its achievements, it still continues to go above and beyond and has yet to reach a plateau. With its major accolades and success in Europe, North America and the Middle East, Hairdreams is now in the midst of conquering Asia and Australia. But, it doesn’t end there. Hairdreams new, patented, Anti-Hairloss System "Stop&Grow“ offers spectacular, proven results and has recently created a lot of buzz for people who are suffering from massive hair loss and baldness. With highly successful new product launches, expansion into new territories and many more plans in the works, the Hairdreams success story is expected to continue for many more years to come.

To celebrate its successes, Hairdreams organized a massive celebration to honor its founder and company history with its clients, long-time business partners and employees. The company invited more than 600 guests to gather and celebrate Hairdreams‘ milestones in Graz’s grand event landmark, Steiermark-Halle for an extraordinary program with a long list of renowned, internationally-celebrated artists.

To kick off the event, The "Mobilés“ entertained guests with their beautiful, inspiring performance which was specifically choreographed for Hairdreams. Other grand performances followed which included: the British Star-Illusionist "James More“, world champions and clairvoyants "Thommy Ten und Amélie van Tass“, the acrobat "Andreea“ from Romania and the quick change transformation acts by Russian "Sos & Victoria“. Between acts, the program featured video greetings from around the world as well as an impressive review of the company’s 30-year history highlights. Well-known TV presenter Alexandra Polzin, who proudly wears Hairdreams as well as many of her colleagued, hosted the event and led the enthusiastic audience through a fun-filled evening of exciting events.

A live band and DJ continued the festivities thoughout the night toasting to the next 30 years of Hairdreams. In the end, everyone was thrilled and enjoyed a truly successful anniversary event!

Hairdreams founder, Gerhard Ott also shared the same sentiments. "I’m not involved in the day-to-day business of the company anymore, but I still get called on in an advisory role. The best gift I could ever ask for is to witness my small family business that started in Graz and watch it rise to become a world market leader. It was the consistent and uncompromising pursuit of the highest quality that we started with at Hairdreams which paid off in the end! My special thanks go to the employees, who helped me build the company. I am also thankful to the new generation of team members who work tirelessly to keep the Hairdreams spirit alive and continue to improve all products and services day in and day out.“

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