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Alle Neuigkeiten über Haarverlängerungen und Haarverdichtungen von Hairdreams

Jean-Paul Gaultier and Katy Perry with Hairdreams! 

Jean-Paul Gaultier and Katy Perry wear Hair Exclusively from Austria!

Paris/Montreal/Prague 2017: Austrian hair extension brand, Hairdreams, recently worked with the legendary museum, ″Grévin", to make the new wax figures of  Jean-Paul Gaultier and Katy Perry look amazingly lifelike using Hairdreams‘ real human hair extensions.

Happy Birthday Hairdreams! 

Hairdreams‘ 30th year anniversary and Hairdreams’ founder, Gerhard Ott’s 60th birthday.

GRAZ: It was the international extravaganza of the year!  More than 600 guests attended Hairdreams‘ 30th year anniversary while also celebrating Hairdreams’ founder, Gerhard Ott’s 60th birthday.  A full-blown production with multi-national show acts created a festive atmosphere for a spectacular, unforgettable celebration with many attending from around the globe.

Asia: Hairdreams Stop&Grow Shampoo wins “Hair Award” 

Singapore, September 2017: Singapore is regarded as one of the wealthiest nations in the world leading the globe as a noteworthy trendsetter for all things related to LifeStyle, Fashion and Beauty throughout Asia.  Many view Singaporeans as the most discerning clientele when it comes to all aspects of LifeStyle, Fashion and Beauty

Hairdreams Presents: TIMELESS HAIRDREAMS 

Classic, Dreamy Styles That Are Timeless For Every Generation!

GRAZ, August 2017 – Through generations, we’ve seen iconic hairstyles that are perfect and stand the test of time never going out of fashion.  In fact, the styles remain timeless and represent an elegant, quintessential style that can last. Classic, gorgeous long hair and stunning voluminous updos top the list of timeless hairstyles as worn by legendary icon, Brigitte Bardot.  Also, many beautiful, high-profile women have signature styles that still remain iconic including super-long, dramatic braids sported by former tennis pro, Anna Kournikova and sexy, blonde beach waves on 90’s supermodel, Claudia Schiffer

Hairdreams Makes Headlines at Intercoiffure Mondial’s 22nd World Congress in Osaka, Japan 

Osaka, May 2017: Hairdreams, the international leader in hair lengthening and thickening, was a main sponsor at Intercoiffure Mondial’s 22nd Annual World Congress which took place at Osaka, Japan from May 15-17.  More than 1,200 Intercoiffure top stylists and high profile members from five different continents gathered to showcase spectacular hair presentations on one stage.  The prestigious event takes place every four years and marked its first event in Osaka, Japan.

This world-class event showcased the best of the world’s hair trends in ultra-posh settings as members witnessed lavish hair shows from Intercoiffure country teams on stage. A major highlight was the Gala Night with shows by IC team Japan, French top stylist Christophe Gaillet, and Intercoiffure Mondial President Klaus-Peter Ochs. For the first time, Hairdreams took part in the event as the worldwide exclusive partner for hair lengthening and thickening generating dynamic shows which featured Hairdreams hair creations in numerous styling and hair designs. 



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