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Alle Neuigkeiten über Haarverlängerungen und Haarverdichtungen von Hairdreams

Charlie Le Mindu Delights Paris Art Scene With Avant-Garde “Hair Amusement Park” 

Paris: Avant-garde hair artist Charlie Le Mindu is a celebrated attraction of the French art scene. Reason: “Charliewood”, a spectacular “amusement park” at the renowned “Palais de Tokyo” in Paris, created with his one-of-a-kind artwork made from Hairdreams 100% real human hair!

Hairdreams once again certified as a “Leitbetrieb Austria” (Leading Company Austria) 

Graz, March 2016: Hairdreams, based in Graz, Austria, has once more been certified as a so-called “Leitbetrieb Austria”, a leading company Austria. The international market leader in professional real-hair creations has managed to successfully fulfil the strict qualification requirements several times now.

Charlie Le Mindu presents his new book “Haute Coiffure”, featuring avant-garde art created with Hairdreams Hair. 

December 2015: Fluorescent hair creations inspired by the depths of the ocean, enormous hair sculptures made from gilded real human hair or avant-garde hair dresses – hair artist Charlie le Mindu’s creativity is characterized by extraordinary aesthetic expression. High-grade real human hair by Hairdreams forms the base of his work. His latest photo book “Charlie Le Mindu – Haute Coiffure” shows the highlights of the French designer’s creations up until now.

Charlie Le Mindu and Hairdreams Hair Creations inspire audience of hair professionals at the Rimini Hair Show 

Rimini, October 2015: French avant-garde hair artist Charlie Le Mindu inspired an audience of Italian hair professionals with an extravagant “Haute Coiffure“ performance featuring Hairdreams hair at the YOU Hair & Beauty Show 2015 in Rimini.

The designer presented highlights of his latest collections: one-of-a-kind outfits and head pieces, entirely made out of real Hairdreams hair!

At the same time the Italian Hairdreams team introduced the new “Laserbeamer NANO“ hair lengthening and hair thickening system, and presented the winner of the Italian Hairdressing Award in the avant-garde category with a “NANO“ system.

Hairdreams New Styles 2015/16 

The newest Hairdreams-Styles. So diverse and inspiring, like never before!

The latest edition of the "New Styles“ hairstyle book from Hairdreams is here: Discover the fascinating diversity of Hairdreams 100% real human hair creations from all over the world!

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